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Diploma in Executive Coaching and Organisational Development (AADCT)

Founded in April 2008, our Diploma is the first and longest standing coaching training in Greece. In 2017, our training enters its 11th, consecutive intake. Featuring a carefully selected faculty of expert facilitators, counting over 120 influential alumni and spanning 120 hours of top quality training, in 2014, it was globally the first course to receive Accreditation from the Association for Coaching; at top-tier level 4/4.

We have been entrusted with equipping leaders from companies and organisations such as Abbvie, Accenture, ALBA, AstraZeneca, BAT, BDO, Center for Democracy, Cognity, DMG Mori, Eletson, Fweebi, Great Place to Work, Information Society, Innora, Microsoft, Mondelez, Nike, Pharmathen, Rigips, Starbucks, Star Channel, Simply Burgers, S & B, Stoiximan, SC Johnson, Unilever, Vestas, Wyeth, 1Source – Aero Services-as well as several consultants, entrepreneurs, journalists, publishers, mental health professionals and other leaders of transformation.

Course Accreditation:

  • In November 2014 our training program became the first to be awarded Accreditation by the Association for Coaching, globally.
  • The Diploma is Accredited at level 4/4, Accredited Advanced Diploma in Coach Training (AADCT), which is the top tier.
  • The Diploma is awarded by Impact, an Organisational Member of the Association for Coaching
  • Individual Accreditation can also be obtained upon completing the requested hours of coaching practice and subject to meeting all other application criteria. (Please visit the AC website for more details).
  • Impact can provide supervision towards completing full membership and accreditation requirements.

The course provides 120 hours of Continuous Professional Development Units (CPDU) as indicated on the certificate.


  • Microsoft Hellas
  • Lunch, coffee and refreshments inclusive
Association for Coaching

Course Dates for 2018-19

Vassilis Antonas:
Fundamentals of Executive Coaching and OD
May25, 26+27
Vassilis Antonas:
Transformational Leadership: A Jungian Perspective
The Evolution of Leadership: Leading with PRAID
Coaching for Impact: A Complete Method
June22, 23+24
Jaap Westerbos:
Gestalt 3-day Intensive
July & AugustStudy Period
George Diakonikolaou: The Systemic Alignment Model for Working Teams
Georgios Mavros: Animus & Anima in Organisational Development
Ariadne Lada & Paul Kidner: Systems Theory
October5, 6+7
Ana Rhodes:
Beyond Conflict
Mid October - Mid JanuaryStudy Period, Placement Delivery, Placement Presentation Preparation and Thesis Write Up
Vassilis Antonas:
Placement Presentations

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Association for Coaching
Entry Requirements

  • Graduate academic qualification
  • 1 year’s experience in OD, Consulting, HR, Counselling or Management
  • Minimum age requirement 25
  • Good command of the English language

Admission Process

  • Submission of CV
  • Submission of paragraph stating experience and aspirations in coaching and OD
  • Interview with Course Director
  • 50% down payment

We accept an average of 65% of applications received


  • 3,500 word case study or research
  • Attendance (85% minimum required) and contribution
  • Successful completion of practice/placement and case study presentation (Impact will assist you in finding a voluntary unpaid placement within one of our client companies, but does not guarantee one. The placement can be a team OD intervention OR individual coaching. In both cases 3 meetings will be required-one for data collection, one for intervention and one follow up. (We have so far secured a placement for all alumni) Written peer assessment to be submitted by everyone
  • Written examination on theory, covering the core material taught and reading list
  • Each of the 4 assessment areas carries equal weight (25%) must be successfully passed (60%) to secure a certificate
  • In addition a 60-hour coaching practice log must be submitted in order to receive the Diploma as required by the Association for Coaching.
  • The Graduation/completion rate is approximately 85%, subject to successfully completing and passing all assessment criteria

Contact info@impactpcs.com or call +30 2108014505 to receive the complete syllabus

Association for Coaching

Diploma Testimonials 2016-2017

A very deep dive into my soul.
Vangelis Morfis, (Microsoft)

A unique, lifetime experience! A unique tool for personal and professional development. Be ready to change, to excel, to fly!
Katerina Vallogianni

A training experience like nothing else I have witnessed so far. An unsettling journey between knowledge and self awareness. If you are looking for a life transforming experience, you must try to attend.
Lampros Zolotas, (HMD Global)

An exciting, rich, useful and actionable journey of 9 nine months, with a unique group and a special destination: self awareness.
Dimitris Ganoudis, (Great Place to Work)

An Impact journey through excellence. If you dive into it and set yourself free you will transform.
Katerina Nikoloutsou, (Mousiko Parathiro)

Practically necessary for anyone who wants to take their career on a higher management, consulting or customer relations level!
Dimitra Karaisaridou, (NN Hellas)

I strongly recommend this course for anyone who is seeking a career change or transition, as it provides both personal and professional development in a challenging and demanding environment. Helpful in exploring opportunities for becoming a coach/OD consultant, through a course which emphasised personal evolution through a reflective and thought- provoking process. Truly empowering.
Natalia Boussia

A very nice journey inside the deepest of my inner world with lessons that will escort me from now on to improve my coaching skills. High calibre teachers that provide a must-live experience.
Thanos Loutsos

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IMPACTThe Evolution of Leadership
Vassilis Antonas
Vassilis AntonasFounder, Managing Director, Diploma Director
Dr George Diakonikolaou,
Dr George Diakonikolaou,Associate, Diploma Facilitator
Jaap Westerbos
Jaap WesterbosAssociate, Diploma Facilitator
Dr Renos Papadopoulos
Dr Renos PapadopoulosAssociate
Ana Rhodes
Ana RhodesAssociate, Diploma Facilitator
Paul Kidner
Paul KidnerAssociate, Diploma Facilitator
Ariadne Lada
Ariadne LadaAssociate, Diploma Facilitator
Georgios Mavros
Georgios MavrosAssociate, Diploma Facilitator

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