Managing your finances, even if everything else is in place, can substantially increase your growth and development potential. At Impact, we understand that and we have recruited top Business Advisory experts in the field, to support you and your endeavours. Our comprehensive services include:

  • Strategy & Organizational Restructuring: An organization needs to synchronize its structure with its ever-changing environment external and internal.
  • Operational Efficiency: Organizations performing effectively at the lowest possible cost.
  • Processes & internal Controls: Ensure control of the organisation’s assets via standard operating procedures.
  • Financial Planning & Budgeting:Establish a long-term financial objectives orientation and business performance monitoring mechanism
  • Financial Reporting: Assess performance and make informed decisions based on facts
  • Due diligence & transactions support either on the buy or sell side
  • Risk Management: Chart the risks the organisation is facing, assess them and take preventive action so as to minimise exposure
  • Compliance,Legal and Financial: Ensure adherence to regulation
  • Audit Planning and Preparation: Stay financially credible at all times