Founded in 2006, by Vassilis Antonas, Impact is the longest standing Greek firm, specialising in Executive Coaching and Organisational Development. Our company has provided services to over 60 Greek and multinational companies and is the pioneer of the first and longest standing Coaching Training in Greece; the Diploma, which was launched in April 2008 and has run consecutively, every year, since. In 2014, our training was globally the first to receive Accreditation from the Association for Coaching; at top tier (AADCT 4/4).

Our vision is the Evolution of Leadership.

Our mission is to align performance with vision and strategy for individual and corporate leaders.


What: Executive Coaching is the theory and practice of an agent of transformation, supporting a professional’s awareness, leadership and talent, through behavioural and business interventions, within an organisational context. (Antonas, 2017, Coaching for Impact, Routledge, pg 4)

Why: Amongst other benefits, executives and leaders can expect to enhance and improve their pace, resilience, accountability, influence and deliberation.

For Whom: C-level executives, high potentials, management, entrepreneurs, leaders in business.

How:  Coaching comes in clusters of six 45 minute meetings, which can be repeated as many times as necessary. 

  1. A no-obligations chemistry meeting between the executive and our coach. 
  2. kick off meeting between all stakeholders (such as the Head of HR, the line manager if applicable etc) to set expectations and deliverables at the beginning of the engagement. 
  3. Six 45-minute coaching sessions (The cycle of 6 can be repeated). 
  4. A follow up meeting between stakeholders to assess progress at the end of the engagement.

A completely customised 360 will be designed and employed if deemed useful. 

What: The process of aligning collective performance and behaviour with the organisation’s vision and strategy.

Why: To optimise team functioning; to generate common context and direction; to align performance with values, culture and strategy; to foster transformation.

For Whom: Board of Directors, Management Teams, Functional, Sales Teams and Project Management teams. 

How:  A fully customised intervention based on 4 principles: 

  1. Needs assessment based on rigorous data collection.
  2. Cutting edge intervention design based on needs assessment.
  3. Intervention delivery comprising individual coaching, individual and team assessment, workshops, peer coaching, customised 360 surveys and more.
  4. Calibration follow up.

Our workshops are divided equally between skills training, practice and reflection and are based on constant interaction, live feedback and a move-forward attitude. All workshops can be delivered over one or two days for teams of 8-16 leaders and can be customised. Our facilitators all carry OAED LAEK certification and your company can benefit from the the relevant subsidy.

The PRAID Leadership Model

A transformational yet fully applicable leadership model, directly from the field: PRAID combines every possible skill, quality and asset that leaders will need and utilise on their way to the top. Uncompromised and unapologetic, this workshop amalgamates Vassilis Antonas’ work with Senior Leaders over the past two decades and forms the cornerstone of his book, Coaching for Impact (Routledge, 2017). 

Coaching Fundamentals

Coaching can prove immensely useful when done right. It can also be plain counterproductive when done wrong. This workshop is an absolute performance accelerator, since it provides leaders with the fundamental skills that will enable them to coach their teams and their peers with focus and deliberation, whilst avoiding the usual pitfalls

The Evolution of Sales

Build rapport; influence your clients; engage with their needs; master active listening; utilise conflict; employ language (verbal and body) effectively. Optimise your presence, your predisposition and your impact. This two day workshop, takes sales well beyond the standard, ordinary approach of “pushing a product” and empowers  sales executives by providing them with powerful and effective sales coaching skills. A ground breaking training for sales leaders and their teams across industries.

Conflict Management

Learn the basic platforms of conflict, assess your conflict management style and learn to identify polarities that will metabolise clash into opportunity. An invaluable learning experience that will sustainably enhance collaboration, communication and consequently performance within teams. 

Building Organisational Trust

Mistrust, doubt and suspicion can prove very costly for corporations. In the end, it all tends to form a communication gap that renders collaboration and progress implausible. Our workshop not only practically prescribes how to overcome all that, but also serves as a bridge towards building team spirit and rapport, whilst speeding up delivery. Very few other interventions can match it.

Success Factors in Project Management

Project based work is here to stay. Its effective and strategic management can and will determine profitability, sustainability and business success. Supporting the maturity of individual skill sets and organisational parameters in project management is, at this stage, a one way street. Based on international best practices and global standards like PMI’s and ISO 21500, this training will reform and transform your project managers and their team in an unprecedented way.  

NLP for Business and Personal Transformation.

Timelines, values, anchoring, linguistics, rapport. Enter the world of Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP), a synthesis of Cognitive and Behavioural Psychology approaches, considered the “manual” of the mind. This manual can be utilised to consistently achieve specific business and personal outcomes. This transformational workshop based on the ABNLP (American Board of NLP) best practices and certifications, focuses on the NLP tools that enable an accelerated transformation of the participants. 


Diploma in Executive Coaching and Organisational Development (AADCT)

Founded in April 2008, our Diploma is the first and longest standing coaching training in Greece. In 2019, our training enters its 12th, consecutive intake. Featuring a carefully selected faculty of expert facilitators, counting over 120 influential alumni and spanning 120 hours of top quality training, in 2014, it was globally the first course to receive Accreditation from the Association for Coaching; at top-tier level 4/4. In 2018, our Accreditation was renewed by the Association for a further 3 years.  

We have been entrusted with transforming leaders from companies and organisations such as Abbvie, Accenture, ALBA, AstraZeneca, BAT, BDO, Center for Democracy, Cognity, DHL, DMG Mori, Eletson, Fweebi, Great Place to Work, Information Society, Innora, Microsoft, Mondelez, Nike, Pharmathen, Rigips, Starbucks, Star Channel, Simply Burgers, S & B, Stoiximan, SC Johnson, Unilever, Vestas, Wyeth,  1Source – Aero Services-as well as several consultants, entrepreneurs, journalists, publishers, mental health professionals and other leaders of transformation.

Course Accreditation:

  • In November 2014 our training program became the first to be awarded Accreditation by the Association for Coaching, globally.
  • The Diploma is Accredited at level 4/4, Accredited Advanced Diploma in Coach Training (AADCT), which is the top tier. In 2018, our Accreditation was reviewed and renewed by the Association for a further 3 years. 
  • The Diploma is awarded by Impact, an Organisational Member of the Association for Coaching
  • Individual Accreditation can also be obtained upon completing the requested hours of coaching practice and subject to meeting all other application criteria. (Please visit the AC website for more details).
  • Impact can provide supervision towards completing full membership and accreditation requirements.

The course provides 120 hours of Continuous Professional Development Units (CPDU) as indicated on the certificate.


  • OTE Academy
  • Lunch, coffee and refreshments inclusive
Association for Coaching

Course Dates for 2019-20

Vassilis Antonas:
Fundamentals of Executive Coaching and OD
May10, 11+12
Vassilis Antonas:
Transformational Leadership: A Jungian Perspective
The Evolution of Leadership: Leading with PRAID
Coaching for Impact: A Complete Method
George Mavros: Animus and Anima in Organisational Development
Ariadne Lada: Organisational Development and Systems

July & AugustStudy Period
Katerina Nikoloutsou: The Leading Voice
George Diakonikolaou: NLP Coaching for Impact
October11, 12+13
Ana Rhodes:
Beyond Conflict
Mid October - Mid JanuaryStudy Period, Placement Delivery, Placement Presentation Preparation and Thesis Write Up
Vassilis Antonas:
Placement Presentations

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Association for Coaching

Entry Requirements

  • Graduate academic qualification
  • 1 year’s experience in OD, Consulting, HR, Counselling or Management
  • Minimum age requirement 25
  • Good command of the English language
  • Personal maturity and capacity to challenge your reflective learning curve

Admission Process

  • Submission of CV
  • Submission of paragraph stating experience and aspirations in coaching and OD
  • Interview with Course Director
  • 50% down payment

We accept an average of 65% of applications received


  • 3,500 word case study or research
  • Attendance (85% minimum required) and contribution
  • Successful completion of practice/placement and case study presentation (Impact will assist you in finding a voluntary unpaid placement within one of our client companies, but does not guarantee one. The placement can be a team OD intervention OR individual coaching. In both cases 3 meetings will be required-one for data collection, one for intervention and one follow up. (We have so far secured a placement for all alumni) Written peer assessment to be submitted by everyone
  • Written examination on theory, covering the core material taught and reading list
*Each of the 4 assessment areas carries equal weight (25%) must be successfully passed (60%) to secure a certificate
*In addition a 60-hour coaching practice log must be submitted in order to receive the Diploma as required by the Association for Coaching.
*The Graduation/completion rate is approximately 85%, subject to successfully completing and passing all assessment criteria

Contact or call +30 2108014505 to receive the complete syllabus

Association for Coaching

Vassilis Antonas

Executive Coach, Psychotherapist, Organisational Development Consultant and Course Director of Impact’s Diploma in Executive Coaching and Organisational Development (AADCT), globally the first Coaching Training to receive Accreditation from the Association for Coaching. Vassilis is the author of Coaching for Impact: The Evolution of Leadership, published by Routledge in 2017.

He has consulted for over 60 Greek and Multinational companies, delivering tens of thousands of consultation hours to leaders from all functions and industries. Clients include Microsoft, Media Saturn, Vestas, Nike, Unilever and Abbvie.

From 1998 to 2001, he worked for the British NHS and served as Clinical Director for CAP London from 2001 to 2006, at which point he returned to Greece and founded Impact. His vision is to craft the circumstances for pursuing excellence for individuals and organisations: Directly, by offering Executive Coaching and Organisational Development services and indirectly through the Diploma.

Vassilis is also a musician, a senior martial artist, a free diver, former motorsport driver and a devoted world traveler. 

Dr George Diakonikolaou

George Diakonikolaou is the Managing Director of “Project Management Coach” LTD, delivering services to business clients in the fields of Project Management, Leadership, Coaching and Organisational Development. His clients include companies such as Cosmote, Romtelecom, Vestas, ENEL, EDF etc. George is a visiting Faculty, teaching Project Management in the International MBA in Athens and Brunel Business School, MBA in London as well as Bradford Business School. He has received his First Degree in Electrical Engineering and Computer Science in National Technical University of Athens and his M.Sc. and Ph.D. in Computer Science from University of Manchester Institute of Science and Technology. George is the co-founder of the Greek Chapter of the Project Management Institute, a Certified Project Management Professional and a founding member of the Hellenic Coaching Association. He is also an NLP Trainer and Master Practitioner of NLP & Time Line Therapy®, a Master Practitioner of Hypnosis and an NLP Master Coach.

Currently, George is experimenting with the integration of Coaching, Organisational Development and Project Management in a field that he likes to refer as “Project Coaching”, an integrated model that achieves groundbreaking results in Strategic Projects, Programs & Portfolios, and executive teams’ performance.

George is a 2010 Diploma Alumnus.

Ariadne Lada

Ariadne is a Leadership & Transformation Coach and Team Facilitator. She studied Psychology at The American College of Greece, Executive Coaching with IMPACT PCS and RECB Coaching with the Hellenic Institute of RECBT. She has worked for more than 15 years in HR management and people development with both large multinational organizations (most recently as a Senior HR Manager with Amgen Hellas S.A.) and NGOs (as Program Manager, Strategy and Communications for the Business Coaching Center, the PRAKSIS entrepreneurial hub that supports new business development).

Currently she is holding the position of Director of Knowledge for the Hellenic Coaching Association. Since May 2016 she is the Lead Organisational Development Consultant for INTRASOFT International, running the full cycle of capacity building projects with the European Commission.

In addition, Ariadne is a proud mother of two, a creative writer and public speaker. Learn more about Ariadne on

Ariadne is a 2013 Alumna.

Ana Rhodes

Ana is an organisational consultant, trainer, therapist and executive coach. For the last 10 years, she has worked as a trainer and facilitator with individuals and groups in diverse settings ranging from the Findhorn Eco village in Scotland, UK, USA, Italy and Spain to Universities in Latin America, where she has taught conflict facilitation, leadership skills and peace studies.
She has trained in a variety of personal and organisational development skills including Process Orientated Psychology, Appreciative Inquiry, Conflict Facilitation, Applied skills for sustainable social and culture change, Leadership and confidence building, Outcome Mapping, Supervision and Executive Coaching.
From 2009 to 2013, she worked for the Findhorn Foundation, as HR Manager and then (2009) as CEO. During this time she also run her own consultancy business “Inspired Action” working with different client groups including cross-cultural education.
She facilitates groups of up to 300 people in processes of socio cultural and organisational change, using tools that support diversity and deep democracy.
She deeply believes in cross sector engagement so she works with the corporate world, civic society and NGOs.
One of her greatest passions involves maximizing the inherent potential of individuals, groups and organisations in a way that is supportive and enhances natural leadership.

Georgios Mavros

Georgios has consulted for various organisations and companies in Greece, such as the Ministry of Culture of the Hellenic Republic, being the personal advisor of the Deputy of Culture in matters of Contemporary Culture Policy.

Originally from a Media background, Georgios specialises in Executive Coaching and Organisational Development, his biggest influence being the work of C.G. Jung, especially on the Animus and Anima Archetypes.

His vision is to create the circumstances for pursuing excellence for leaders and organisations in the Greek & international market, by contributing to the formation of dynamic policy frameworks involving politics, economics and culture.

Currently Georgios is researching the impact of Digital Technology as the driving force behind what appear to be tectonic shifts of historical proportions in social, economic, political, cultural and (both collective and individual) psychological trends and structures.

He is a visiting tutor, guest presenter and external examiner for training organisations in Greece and the UK, a financial journalist, a producer of creative and business content, an aspiring author and musician, as well as a community development pioneer, with extensive contribution to Corfu Island, his homeland.

Georgios is a 2014 Alumnus.

Katerina Nikoloutsou

Executive coach, Music Coach, Voice Coach and Europeanist, Master of Education (M.Ed).

Over the past 20 years, Katerina has trained and coached thousands of children, adults, people with special needs and professionals. Originally from a classical music educational background, she discovered that the impact of music differs from one person to another; and based her work on that premise.

In 2009 she founded Mousiko Parathyro, Athen’s premier Music Coaching Centre, aiming at enabling personally musical and musically personal journeys. The centre has developed exponentially over the years, being home to music events, concerts, aspiring groups and artists, composers, professionals as well as everyone wishing to improve their life, chase meaning and increase their influence.

Her vision is to give prominence to the fundamental role of music as a tool for development and evolution.

Katerina is a 2017 Diploma alumna.

Penny Kapitsinou, Diploma Coordinator

Penny studied Agriculture in the Technological Institution of Crete and currently studies European History and Culture in the Open University of Greece. Driven by curiosity, she frequently finds herself in halls, attending seminars that vary from apiculture to rum distillation.

She worked for fourteen years at the Centre for Renewable Energy Sources, for seven years as the assistant to two Presidents and their Boards of Directors, to the Legal Services and to the HR Department. For another seven years, she was dedicated to the Photovoltaic Energy Department, during the PV blooming in Greece.

She then decided, that she prefers the nightlife and since 2011, she has been working in bars, first in Cyclades and now in Athens. She enjoys promoting fine drinking and high quality spirits.

In a fortunate turn of events, since February 2018, she is also the happy Office Manager of Impact. She enjoys meddling in this extremely interesting field of activity and collaborating with some extremely interesting people.

Penny has always been a bookworm that loves the water, water sports and warm climates and, eventually, she will write her own book(s) and withdraw somewhere along the Equator.

Diploma Testimonials 2018-2019

The most amazing band in an once in a lifetime concert guided by a unique conductor. A great opportunity to grow both as a professional and a person.
Eleni-Marina Ioakeim, ENERCON Service Hellas EPE

Life changing experience! A great journey to awareness. Changed the way I see myself and the world around me. Ideally balanced between academic and practical application. High quality practice that can only be felt.
Tereza Venetsanou, Impact

What a journey! A deep dive into many aspects of myself that didn’t know that even existed and will escort me for the rest of my life. ‘IMPACT’ had a significant impact on the way I approach people and situations, both in my personal as well as in my professional life. Thanks for the ride.
Constantinos Kattirdjis, Microsoft

An ideal and unique vehicle for discovery of self and others, so that you accelerate your personal transformation while maintaining an appropriate pace.
Theodoros Dravillas

An amazing experience that enables you to unleash your potential. Through that journey I had the opportunity to go deep to my inner game which defines the outer one. If you want to find out the impact you have on others, in an environment free of judgement, this is the right place to be. Because your personal development is fully connected (or should be) with your professional one, only by doing so you can LEAD by example.
Katerina Karakoli

Participating in Diploma was an eye opening experience. The sharing and learning process was beyond my expectations. Coming into a period with significant changes I managed to solve my riddles and make valuable developments in parts of me. Perfect combination of theoretical and practical cases.
It was a life changing experience.
Leda Plati

I highly recommend this life transforming experience! An absolute must for exploring yourself, improving managerial and leadership skills, increasing self-awareness and gain a great knowledge of how other people perceived you.
Natassa Naki

A highly recommended experience and an absolute must have course. I had the great opportunity to participate in a transformative, evolutionary journey that highly impacted personal and intra-personal engagements. It was an excellent learning journey, a very successful and also demanding one, but it greatly paid off. This unique experience consists of a great landscape of academic background (theories, tools etc.), but ‘living’, experiencing all these is the main differentiator factor.
You must definitely experience it.
Nikos Anastopoulos

It was a great ‘journey’ in which you can do nothing else but learning great things from great people about coaching, so get out of your comfort zone, be exposed and most important – enjoy it!!!
Anastasios Salvanos, DHL Express

It was a very interesting journey to get in touch with myself. I strongly recommend it, although it was not an easy one.
Fotini Triantafillou

What I appreciated more from this process of attending the ‘Coaching for Impact’ experience was a serious realisation of myself.
I believed that I had taken all the necessary steps in order to evolve myself. I just entered my 40s a couple of months ago, I got a nicely decorated CV, international awards for my achievements and more than a handful of people that I helped them progress in their careers.
The realisation was that I still have so much room for improvement and so many things to explore.
Thank you Mr Antonas and the rest of the amazing team for reminding me that!
Dimitris Moschovis, Simply Burgers

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Our consultants have provided Executive Coaching, OD consulting, Corporate Counselling and Training to several clients in Greece and internationally from different industries and functions.
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