Diploma Testimonials 2022-2023

I am grateful for having what I call “a privilege” rather than an opportunity to be part of this program. I learned a lot from my peers, who were all carefully chosen. This intensive Diploma is the start of a new journey.
Cleo Lymberis (Public Power Corporation)

Vasilis offers a wholesome growth experience through imparting coaching knowledge as a leadership skill set. His material is world class level and can only be matched by his generosity to share his learnings.
Dionysis Svoronos (Deutsche Telekom)

Having joined the course with high expectations, now that it has reached its completion, I am filled with a sense of fulfillment and with sadness that it is over. The content, the contributors and the peers have all exceeded expectations. Although the content was adequate, it can be the beginning of a journey for he who is interested.
Evi Martinovits (Allianz Hellas)

A life experience! Joining initially with both concerns on subject and demanding engagement, the course exceeded by far my expectations! After nine months, I am leaving enabled, energized, empowered and ready to make myself and people around me live a better life!
Katerina Sourouni (Microsoft)

Pass through that door open to whatever may come. Keep what is important to you and in a notebook the rest. Keep that notebook for the rest of your life.
Lida Deligianni

The Executive Coaching Diploma program has provided me with a strong foundation not only to embrace a coaching mindset but also to seamlessly integrate coaching into my daily activities!
Vaggelis Kappas (Microsoft)

An extremely interesting journey, full of challenges, learnings, feedback, ups and downs. Gives you tons of take-aways for personal and professional development. Go ready to open up and share, in order to get the most out of it. Couldn’t recommend it highly enough!
Evgenia Koutifari

An absolute must-have course. An excellent learning experience strongly recommended for anyone looking for growth personally and professionally. A challenge to coach a shadow towards light.
Mariza Papageorgiou (OTE Academy)

Enlightening both for oneself and the people around them. Enlightening and delightful!
Mike Boussias

Do you want to be an inspiring and influential leader? If so, this Diploma gives you the necessary supplies and tools to “lead by example”. The key to success is building quality relationships with others at work or other environments. In this course you will find the material and experience that will unlock who you really are, what you stand for, where you gain or lose influence.
Evi Spanoudaki

It’s been a tremendous experience for me. It helped me improve myself and also the people that work for my company. I met important people with different views and setups. One of the most important things that I’ve done to date.
Thanasis Kameas (plushost.gr)

Diploma Testimonials 2021-2022

The Diploma has been a truly enlightening experience; one I dare to name a lifechanging one. Once you deeply engage in the process you re-discover yourself and you challenge things and thoughts you took for granted. The process is a collective one. The teammates raise the bar for you; without them the journey would not be the same and would not be a so long one. I do not consider the Diploma to be a training program. It opened doors and paths I wish to further explore so it may very well be the “start” of a journey. A big thanks to Vassilis, Diploma partners and my teammates.
Aris Georgopoulos (Vodafone)

Any leader, who is on a path of self-discovery & on a mission for building their coaching presence in pursuit of unlocking potential & accelerating performance of others, should take part in the Coaching for Impact accredited course. This year-long journey will expose you to specific theories and practices needed to develop you into an agent of transformation, be it in context of management coaching or as a professional Executive Coach.
Ali Tahmasebi (Microsoft)

I came in with no expectations being open to discover.
What happened though was beyond my greatest expectations! It has been a unique and challenging journey with another 11 fantastic people! Vassilis Antonas has an amazing ability of recruiting people.
I would highly recommend it to anyone who is ready to go deep in his fears, have a transformational experience and take a small step on an never ending journey!
Aikaterini Chaida (NN Hellas)

When I applied, I knew this course would not be a typical “coaching” diploma but was not prepared for this deep dive into my self awareness.
Fast forward, 10 months later I can say this was a challenging yet authentic transformational experience- An inward journey where I realized many new ways to perceive, communicate and interact with myself and people around me.
A holistic approach, with experiential learning and a powerful combination of technical and personal skills growth.
Katsali Sofia (KAIZEN GAMING)

Have you ever wanted to learn how to influence people? How to be an agent of change for the people around of you? How about learn things that you do not know that you do know? This diploma is the safest environment to be courageous and explore the mechanics of the human psyche starting from yourself and contrasting it with a dozen of other leading executives in the program that aspire to grow and contribute. Needless to say that it’s super fun and you will create deep bonds unlike any other.
Leonidas Karellis  (CARELL) (www.carell.gr)

A great year in a great course, against all odds posed by the pandemic. The course itself is well designed, the sessions do offer a plethora of insights, the tutors are highly competent, the approach is multi-dimensional, spotlighted by various different angles. But the very essence of it all is the group of carefully selected persons forming the class; it is them, my classmates, all of us together and the group dynamics formed between us, that really enhanced our experience to a “wow” level. My peer group, with whom I embarked on this wonderful journey of knowledge, self-discovery and skillset building, aiming at facilitating individuals and organisations move their way forward. If one aspires to get exposure to top class executive coaching and organizational development consulting, this is the way to go.
Constantine Poulios (Grant Thornton)

What a fantastic journey!!!!!!! The Executive Coaching and Organisational Development Diploma was a unique transformational experience. It helped me develop as a person and as a professional, and the application of the course material to my everyday life was immediate and valuable. I would recommend it to professionals that seek to challenge themselves and their limits. Go for it.
Marilena Pappas

An amazing experience! Extremely positive, not only in helping me to identify, frame and clarify key personal development objectives but also offering practical tools, techniques and suggestions to achieve them!
The Diploma empowered me to clearly identify the areas on which to focus, in order to bring the greatest benefit to my personal and professional development.
Sophia Saravanou

This was a challenging journey deep into my mind and soul; powerful, exhaustive yet revealing and rewarding.
Grateful to Vassilis and the whole Impact!
Even more grateful to my peer coaches, the 2022 class!!
George Apostolopoulos (Robit Plc)

Being part of this training has been an eye-opening experience. I appreciated the fact that I familiarized myself with disciplines, theories and frameworks that were not known to me and can potentially have a profound impact on my professional and personal life alike. The mix of people was refreshing and the discussions were thought provoking. This is definitely a non-effortless training, it requires commitment and investment of time and mental capacity. To gain the most out of it, you have to step out of your comfort zone and leave any preexisting expectations out of the door.
Mary Bina (Microsoft Hellas)

That Diploma was a transcendental experience for me. It helped me understand better the depth of human behavior and the methodology of coaching not as a simple toolkit but as a lived experience of a team that was very carefully selected.
Vassilis Antonas and impact team have put together excellent content that will resonate with professionals that want to challenge themselves and want to make the next step, digging deeper in various areas. That program became a great opportunity for self-reflection and pivotal action. It can definitely help professionals shift in a rather unexpected way, as long as they are ready to let go and immerse themselves in the great content of Impact Diploma. It’s one of those times that I want to do the course again and again.
Dionisis Zacharopoulos (Beauty Nova)

Diploma Testimonials 2020-2021

The Diploma was a life changing experience. Being able to transform myself, realizing my limiting beliefs and the obstacles I create sabotaging myself, were a huge revelation for me. Understanding where people come from, understanding their processes, provided me with an advantage (work & personally) and a much calmer life. The bonus was meeting wonderful tutors who escort you all through this journey and talented peers supporting and learning from each other but more importantly complimenting each other. I am certain the tools & skills provided in the Diploma, will be of great use in my current as well as future professional endeavors, but also in my personal life. Best gift I gave myself!
Taly Mair (Jewish Community of Athens)

Designed to re-engineer mindsets and change life-cycle patterns through carefully structured experiential activities, Impact’s Diploma offers a one-of-a-kind opportunity for those determined with resilience and deliberation to follow a pace where accountability leads to influence.
Dimitris Koroniotakis (Pharmathen)

Do not take this course unless you are ready to dig deep inside you, challenge everything you have done until now, change the way you communicate with others, evaluate your personal and professional relationships, question your values and your moral compass. In short, do not take this course unless you are ready for an inside-out transformational journey that will change your life and make you a better person.
Aggeliki Korre

A unique opportunity to raise your self-awareness and to understand others. The whole experience cannot be captured in words. It is the best investment somebody can make, with a remarkable ROI. I have never experienced so far, anything more intense, challenging and deep. No matter how many hours it lasts, you always want more! I highly recommend it.
Danae Stylianou

A great journey to self-awareness and self- development. The structure and the methodology of the course, the excellent team of instructors/consultants and the quality of co-participants, make a great combination that leads to a once in a lifetime experience. It works equally good, Face2 Face but also on-line. It is demanding, but also rewarding. Highly recommended!
Manos Vlasis (OTEAcademy)

A friend of mine, who I deeply respect, took the diploma one year before me. He was overwhelmed by the interaction, the authenticity and the transformation of the group he was in. I decided to take it myself, as a personal challenge, gain of knowledge and self-awareness. I would never anticipate how much fun, warm and friendly this group of people would be. It’s worth the time, the money, the effort and everything you have to give to this life experience.
Nikolaos Milidakis (Lidl)

An excellent organized and structured program. Integrated modules, inspiring instructors, high standards training material and case studies, all aiming towards creating and developing “agents of transformation”. Diploma is a challenge! A challenge someone can take towards, relations, risks, self-awareness aiming to find the “Authentic Self”.
A never-ending journey full of experiences and knowledge. Do not miss it!
Stavroula Bertzouani

I strongly recommend the Diploma in Executive Coaching and Organisational development.
It is a unique tool that helps you work with yourself and human ecosystems. It helps you develop all the necessary techniques in order to increase your impact and your influence. A unique experience, a journey I will never forget.
Thank you Impact.
Nikolaos Maragopoulos

Diploma has been a great journey into further comprehending my “process and content” and how I am perceived by others. I strongly recommend it to any business leader wanting to grow professionally and personally and engage in more meaningful and impactful interactions.
Antonis Oikonomou (Microsoft)

Diploma Testimonials 2019-2020

A life changing experience that gives you the knowledge to take the most important steps towards a better self and help others do the same. Simply priceless.
George Trichias

A great starting point on the (self) exploration of dealing with people. Bring your mental scuba gear along, you’ll need it.
Angelos Skembris (Castalia Technologies)

A unique transformational and life changing experience emerged for me from absolute ‘synchronicity’! A great journey to awareness. A top-class and exceptional course, and absolute must for anyone who wishes to invest, looking for personal and professional development. A high demanding course in a challenging and demanding environment, which takes you out of your comfort zone. The course changed the way I see myself and the world around me.
Great environment, excellent Tutors. It is highly recommended.
George Papadimitriou (PM-Partners)

It was the best investment I have ever made due to the insights and knowledge I got efficiently. The course was incredibly comprehensive and supportive of discovering ourselves and shadow.
The participants are carefully selected and through the exercises gave us the chance to understand, very well, personalities different from us. It was the first time that I felt what a team is.
If you are willing to ask yourself tough introspective questions and be prepared to put the work needed.
If coaching is something that interests you, this course is the right one.
It can equip you with all the tools needed to support and challenge your coachees to enhance their impact on work and life.
Michalis Maimaris (Knowledge Training & Consulting Ltd)

The course coincided with a fundamental change in personal mindsets and external circumstances. The content and the processes in each session went beyond providing a coaching toolkit; they provided fuel for radical rethinking.
Michael Alexandratos (McKinsey & Company)

The words coming to my mind when thinking of this Diploma: Interaction, insight, presence, revelation, authenticity, transformation, experience, team work, journey, vision, friends, excellence. Reaching a state of being. It’s all about leadership. Don’t miss this.
Apostolos Palaskas (Door Training & Consulting)

The light is better here!
This course offers a huge potential for personal and organisational development. If you would like to extend your senses, awareness and embrace your motive as a leader, parent, citizen, human being don’t miss this unimaginable experience. With this course you will be able to clearly see and move and more importantly move to envision and take action.
Kostantinos Panoulas (Boussias Communications)

A powerful journey for self improvement and self awareness. I highly recommend it.
Vera Pagkoulaki (ELVAL S.A.)

The experience from attending the Diploma seemed like being in a room full of doors leading to brilliant material. It converges together disciplines as diverse as Business Psychology, Presence, Strategy. I emerged out of the Diploma much more self aware and intentionally able to influence my environment than before. Dare to take a dive and enjoy!
Thodoris Markopoulos (Evolut)

A compressed experience of life that changed structural aspects of who I am. And brought more clarity on how to support myself and others to thrive.
Open yourself, your mind and your time for this valuable journey now
Sofia Katsara (Microsoft)

Find the treasure: an exceptional journey towards fulfilment. The information, the interaction and the feedback from facilitators and participants aloke, quickly lead you into another dimension; and to a continuous strive to find yourself and overcome your boundaries.
Pantelis Boussias

I would say that this was an enlightening life experience. Strongly recommended for anyone wishes to change angles and eventually evolve!
Still becoming a Jedi needs time, effort and the mentality to transform yourself and others.
«Be the change you want to see in the world» Mahatma Gandhi
«Choose your battles» Vassilis Antonas
Ioannis Vriniotis (Microsoft)

A transformational journey on Leadership, Executive Coaching and Organisational consultancy, that opened new horizons, boosting my professional and personal evolution.
Yanna Andronopoulou

I went into a journey deep into myself. With me were inspiring Facilitators and supporting, exceptional Colleagues.
During this I have evolved in ways I couldn’t imagine or fathom.
I am still not back from this journey nor do I wish to. I will stay on it. Do join.
Penny Kapitsinou (Impact / Spiti)

Diploma Testimonials 2018-2019

The most amazing band in an once in a lifetime concert guided by a unique conductor. A great opportunity to grow both as a professional and a person.
Eleni-Marina Ioakeim (NERCON Service Hellas EPE)

Life changing experience! A great journey to awareness. Changed the way I see myself and the world around me. Ideally balanced between academic and practical application. High quality practice that can only be felt.
Tereza Venetsanou (Impact)

What a journey! A deep dive into many aspects of myself that didn’t know that even existed and will escort me for the rest of my life. ‘IMPACT’ had a significant impact on the way I approach people and situations, both in my personal as well as in my professional life. Thanks for the ride.
Constantinos Kattirdjis (Microsoft)

An ideal and unique vehicle for discovery of self and others, so that you accelerate your personal transformation while maintaining an appropriate pace.
Theodoros Dravillas

An amazing experience that enables you to unleash your potential. Through that journey I had the opportunity to go deep to my inner game which defines the outer one. If you want to find out the impact you have on others, in an environment free of judgement, this is the right place to be. Because your personal development is fully connected (or should be) with your professional one, only by doing so you can LEAD by example.
Katerina Karakoli

Participating in Diploma was an eye opening experience. The sharing and learning process was beyond my expectations. Coming into a period with significant changes I managed to solve my riddles and make valuable developments in parts of me. Perfect combination of theoretical and practical cases.
It was a life changing experience.
Leda Plati

I highly recommend this life transforming experience! An absolute must for exploring yourself, improving managerial and leadership skills, increasing self-awareness and gain a great knowledge of how other people perceived you.
Natassa Naki

A highly recommended experience and an absolute must have course. I had the great opportunity to participate in a transformative, evolutionary journey that highly impacted personal and intra-personal engagements. It was an excellent learning journey, a very successful and also demanding one, but it greatly paid off. This unique experience consists of a great landscape of academic background (theories, tools etc.), but ‘living’, experiencing all these is the main differentiator factor.
You must definitely experience it.
Nikos Anastopoulos

It was a great ‘journey’ in which you can do nothing else but learning great things from great people about coaching, so get out of your comfort zone, be exposed and most important – enjoy it!!!
Anastasios Salvanos (DHL Express)

It was a very interesting journey to get in touch with myself. I strongly recommend it, although it was not an easy one.
Fotini Triantafillou

What I appreciated more from this process of attending the ‘Coaching for Impact’ experience was a serious realisation of myself.
I believed that I had taken all the necessary steps in order to evolve myself. I just entered my 40s a couple of months ago, I got a nicely decorated CV, international awards for my achievements and more than a handful of people that I helped them progress in their careers.
The realisation was that I still have so much room for improvement and so many things to explore.
Thank you Mr Antonas and the rest of the amazing team for reminding me that!
Dimitris Moschovis (Simply Burgers)

Diploma Testimonials 2017-2018

You may enter at your own risk! It is a journey that will expose the mask you are using to connect with the world, challenge your limiting beliefs, behaviour and impact you have on others and unleash your inner thoughts. At the exit, you will find a transformed version of you, ready to overcome whatever seemed impossible before. Added value: the unconditional and deep connection with your co-passengers.
Theo Lepouras

A transformational lifetime experience. One of the best decisions I have taken in and for my life was to take this course. Strongly recommend it for anyone looking for growth, personally and professionally. Great experience, excellent tutors, solid curriculum. I am not the same person and I want to thank everyone that has participated in my journey, through this course. Truly impactful!
Mihaela Tatomir

A beautiful journey to awareness. If you want to explore your innerself  in order to become your better self DO IT! It’ s not easy but it worth it!
Ioanna Dimou

A highly recommended training experience, which will enhance the results you bring in your business and many aspects of your personal life.
The only regret I have is that I didn’t embark on this journey, many years earlier.
Thank you Vassilis and the team!
Fotis Draganidis, (Microsoft)

When I first met Vassilis in the induction meeting I was advised that is going to be a difficult procedure, the one I was heading in. Deep down inside I laughed when told that in many cases after the sessions I may not be able to drive back home. It turned out to be a very scary… very scary and intense journey for me. You get to feel sad, anxious, confused and afraid in many cases all at once. But as long as you finish the journey you open a door behind which lies greatness. It is absolutely the most interesting, meaningful, astonishing program I have ever attended. It helped me to get to know myself and appreciate all the others. Do yourself a favour and sign in for that rollercoaster.
Dimitrios Tsatsos

An insightful experience through which I gained awareness and growth; As a training program it is exceptional and provides many useful tools and theoretical knowledge that can contribute towards becoming an efficient professional.
Sonia Petropoulou

For those who have no experience in psychology is hard at the beginning. Don’t be disappointed, because as you go along you’ll see that all dots are connected at the end. If someone is willing to expose their inner self, to get in conflict with his classmates and eventually transform and evolve, IMPACT’s Advanced Diploma is the place to invest their time in order to succeed in all the above. Challenging, enlightening and beyond my expectations; Thank you for giving me the chance to learn more about me.
Stathis Loverdos, (Kaizen Digital)

One of the most valuable journeys of my life. It changed the way I see the world. Definitely recommended!
George Fetokakis

It’s not a “program”. It’s a unique experience with “source code” transference to create your own transformational scripts to generate impactful interventions.
George Giannakouros, (Sc Johnson Hellas)

Diploma Testimonials 2016-2017

A very deep dive into my soul.
Vangelis Morfis, (Microsoft)

A unique, lifetime experience! A unique tool for personal and professional development. Be ready to change, to excel, to fly!
Katerina Vallogianni

A training experience like nothing else I have witnessed so far. An unsettling journey between knowledge and self awareness. If you are looking for a life transforming experience, you must try to attend.
Lampros Zolotas, (HMD Global)

An exciting, rich, useful and actionable journey of 9 nine months, with a unique group and a special destination: self awareness.
Dimitris Ganoudis, (Great Place to Work)

An Impact journey through excellence. If you dive into it and set yourself free you will transform.
Katerina Nikoloutsou, (Mousiko Parathiro)

Practically necessary for anyone who wants to take their career on a higher management, consulting or customer relations level!
Dimitra Karaisaridou, (NN Hellas)

I strongly recommend this course for anyone who is seeking a career change or transition, as it provides both personal and professional development in a challenging and demanding environment. Helpful in exploring opportunities for becoming a coach/OD consultant, through a course which emphasised personal evolution through a reflective and thought- provoking process. Truly empowering.
Natalia Boussia

A very nice journey inside the deepest of my inner world with lessons that will escort me from now on to improve my coaching skills. High calibre teachers that provide a must-live experience.
Thanos Loutsos

Diploma Testimonials 2015-2016

A unique experience that changes the way you perceive the people and the world around you. It makes you more open, more alert and brings you closer to who you are. To your authentic self. Highly recommended for both personal and organisational development.
Thanos Sampanis, (Cognity)

Unexpected experience! Revealing for testing boundaries. Being alert to your senses, feelings are breathtaking. An ongoing journey with no limits.
Fani Papageli, (Media Saturn Administration A.E.)

It has been one of the most impactful and thought provoking experiences of my life. If you want to change the view you have over priorities and you want to understand how you can increase your influence, then, this is the place to be. It’s not a training, it’s a ride…
Marios Issaris, (Microsoft)

If you want to meet people who are on the same journey as you are, join the Diploma. It’s an experience that you will not forget; I challenge you to get out of your comfort zone. Enjoy the ride…
Kiki Avgoustatou, (Randstad)

It sucks! It’s demanding, takes you out of your comfort zone, makes you confront yourself and in general it’s stressful. Of course on the other hand if you want to move forward with your life make it more meaningful and fulfilling, then you are at the right place!
Antonis Hadjiyannakis, (Center for Democracy and Reconciliation in Southeast Europe)

It is not a traditional training. It is an experience. You learn how to use your feelings, energy and capacity and most importantly how to support others to do so. After 16 years of experience with people management, the diploma changed my way of approaching issues, behaviors and troubles.
George Bithas, (Abbvie)

Being part of this course is an elevating experience. The most useful outcome for me was the opportunity I had for introspection since my everyday routine didn’t allow this to happen before. I had the fortune to meet with parts of myself that I neglected and learn to listen again, through self reflection and interaction with the group. If you are missing a piece of the puzzle in your personal and professional life that keeps you from being who you want to be, the course is definitely an investment worth making.
Ioanna Kounoupi, (Randstad Hellas)

Doing Impact’s Diploma was certainly one of my highlights of 2015. Talk about “embodiment” and instantaneous life application. Despite travelling to Athens from London, a very busy/hectic schedule, I found that I had more energy, was able to make decision faster, I am much calmer yet I have focus, ambition and drive. I have had a 3day retreat with my team (work). We had 12 hours of coaching and the individual and collective transformation and growth was and still is fundamental. We as a team have committed to a monthly coaching session as we want to sustain what we have now. I have made friends, I have learnt, I understand the difference between challenge and probe. There is a huge difference. Succinct, I understand, value and seek “active listening”. My biggest distinction last year: seek to understand, before being understood. I cannot recommend the course enough for people who want to understand themselves, their perception and their impact on others. I actually feel that this course is a must. F–k, that was a parental injunction!! Thank you, thank you, thank you. This is just the beginning for me!
Suzanne Ferreira (SFStudioslondon)

Amazing experience. When I started Impact I was not sure what to expect. But I really enjoyed it, I learned a lot, met super-interesting people and developed various soft skills. Course is not easy and it can be time demanding if you have a busy life. But it really pays off!!
Theodosis Michalopoulos, (Microsoft)

I participated in the executive coaching and OD class of 2015-16. When I registered for the course I had no idea what I was putting myself into. The course was much more than a learning process. It was a self-exploring and interactive experience. Learning took place mainly through peer interaction and giving and receiving feedback. I am grateful for this experience and for the opportunity to meet so many inspiring individuals and executives.
Fay Koutzoukou (Bodossaki Foundation)

In case Vassilis asks you in the interview you will have with him before you join the course “What would you like to say?” never answer “Shall I sing a song?” This was me being really anxious in our first meeting. He used this answer to make me feel uncomfortable at least twice in the classroom. If I could only say a thing about this course is to be open to live the experience; it can be life changing.
Maria Anastasiou (Accenture)

It was a revealing experience. The more you put into, the more you expose yourself out there, the more you will benefit from the process. Thank you for the wonderful journey.
Spyros T. Sofianos

When I started this diploma I couldn’t imagine the exciting, self revealing, deep going journey that would follow. I thought I knew a lot about myself only to find out all those blind spots, polarities and dare I say a glimpse of my shadow. The diploma is just a start for self
development- a liberation.
Anna Dionysiadou

An eye-opening experience and perhaps the most valuable lesson on leadership you‘ll ever take. Disclaimer: Be ready to learn from “getting it wrong”.
Irina Gkini

I attended the Diploma with the idea of getting further knowledge in order to extend my professional life. I have quickly realized, though this was only going to be gamble part of the whole experience. I have stretched my personal beliefs, owned the unknown aspects of my personality and realigned my personal and professional goals for me. Undiscovered or newly discovered values. It has been amazing!
Monica Mattinzoli

The diploma has been an excellence journey for personal development. The experience provided, definitely improved my self-awareness and the impact I can have on people. Highly recommended.
Kostas Skylogiannis

A revealing journey full of challenges and opportunities that everyone should have. Everything becomes clearer both in personal and professional context.
Antonia Katsoulieri

This was an amazing experience for me as I got to increase my self-awareness and accept parts of myself that were well hidden. I got challenged, exposed and learned that only through getting out of your comfort zone can get you ahead. Do it!
Katerina Kappou, (Impact PCS)

Diploma Testimonials 2014-2015

A mind-blowing experience for professional development and self-awareness, that no one should miss, regardless of profession.
Matina Hatzipavlou (Microsoft Hellas)

I was really fortunate to experience this “Executive Coaching and OD” learning intervention; a personal development and business performance improvement thesaurus; a self awareness approach revealing areas, feelings in me and others that were shadowed; a program filled with experienced educators, comprehensive in syllabus, well-balanced between theory & practice, diverse in participants’ profiles, challenging but refreshing, applicable in professional and personal life. It became the participants’ ritual for 8 months. I consider it equally fundamental for Executive Coaching, Organization Development and Transformational Leadership.
Andreas Liakos (Mondelez)

Our life has a different dimension now. I would strongly recommend it to the ones who
know what to expect from a coaching course ….
…..However I would recommend it even more to those who don’t know what to expect ….
Stavros Pangalidis (DMG MORI SEIKI)

That’s what I call a secure personal investment, with high Return On Investment. I feel
blessed that I was an integral part of this transformational experience which will certainly be one of my personal and career milestones. Don’t try this Diploma if you don’t feel ready to start your self-exploration journey! Highly recommended…only with fastened seatbelts!
Konstantinos Kintzios

Executive coaching and OD is more than a personal and a professional skill. It’s a
comparative advantage pertinent to all aspects of life. Moreover, Impact’s Diploma is a
powerful tool, a straightforward answer to how one can transform and grow itself in order to meet the 21st century leadership requirements; know and be yourself, lead by example and do it authentically.
Dimitrios N. Charalambidis (Saint Joseph Hellenic-French School)

Whenever I bring The Diploma in Executive Coaching & Organisational Development to mind, I can only think of it as a life changing course and a transformational experience, one that there are no words to fully describe. You have to live it to believe it… Our very carefully and wisely selected group of participants went through this experience with the guidance of highly trained educators and managed to not only keep together and come through it successfully but to also create a networking channel and a strong bond with each other. The theoretical knowledge I received, as enormous as it was, worked perfectly well with the hands on practice, providing me with an arsenal to cover even the most difficult case scenarios in coaching and OD interventions. I owe a huge thanks to each and every one of my trainers, who took me by the hand and guided me to a wonderful world of new self-awareness. This Diploma is not accidentally or coincidentally recognized as globally the first coaching training to receive Accreditation by the Association for Coaching.
Apostolis Rountis (National Bank of Greece)

Its visionary outlook combined with the seamless integration of cutting edge theory and
practitioner insight make the Diploma a true blueprint for sustainable personal and organizational transformation.
Christina Nishan

A powerfully insightful and meaningfully transformative experience; well worth the time and effort. I strongly recommend you take the leap of faith and secure enrolment. Be prepared for a demanding journey towards the inner-self.
Stella Ioannidou

A unique learning experience that activated my mind and heart to begin an endless
exploration and realization of self-potential, having a multilevel, broader and deeper glance at myself and others; an exceptional program, with good balance between theory and practice, an amazing group of people in the room, and high caliber educators.
Konstantina Tasiou

Embark on this endless adventurous and meaningful journey in a vessel called resilience S/S designed to lead the way rather than drift with the tide. A risk, well taken.
Vassilis Kafiris

Joining the diploma was an experience surpassing every expectation of mine. Very
professional and highly trained instructors. Well organised and complete educational
program. A demanding, over performing and challenging group of participants. Highly
profiled network of alumni. It was an experience I would highly recommend to anyone
wishing to go beyond “ordinary” and limitations and transform to a new self personally and professionally
Alexandra Prouzou

Diploma is a blend of skills, knowledge, and process creating an immersive simulation of the reality of your situation so as to serve as an effective learning tool because it accelerates time, compresses space, and unlike reality is risk-free and specifically designed to maximize participant learning; you will immediately and directly apply this learning to a specific intervention within your organization or with your clients.
Dr Panagiotis Chatzakos (Innora)

Diploma Testimonials 2013-2014

I would have never been convinced, had I not experienced it for myself, how meaningful, value adding , eye-opening, life changing, (in)tense and powerful this (self)-learning experience would be. It already seems to me, that my personal and professional life is formed into: the era before and the era after the Diploma; An essential journey of transformation for those who wish to connect with and unlock their true potential. Thank you Vassilis for sharing this “gift” with me.
Christina Vrentzou (Unilever)

Not a simple professional training course. It could be described as a long-term coaching session that provides theoretical and practical background, requires your presence, challenges your perceptions, and broadens boundaries. A powerful combination of business, psychological and self-development aspects on Executive Coaching.
Panagiotis Tsakiridis (Media Saturn Hellas SA)

A great program with a balanced approach for both personal and professional development. Highly recommended to anyone looking to practice executive coaching or just to explore more his or her potential.
Peggy Antonakou (Microsoft)

A top-class, life-changing course. Mind boggling material, ingeniously organized and metabolized with an ideal balance between the academic and the experiential, the professional and the personal. An absolute must for anyone who wishes to invest in oneself as well as activate and mobilize one’s own potential. A generator of true leaders and happier people…
Georgios Mavros

The real voyage of discovery consists not in seeking new landscapes but in having new eyes..!!! And this diploma is a revelation of what one is and what potentially can become, through a deep self-exploration with a pair of brand new eyes… a “risk” well worth taking!
Anastasia Boussia

I consider the “Diploma in Executive Coaching and Organisational Development” a very successful professional and personal investment – it was also a journey towards self-exploration.
Vicky Moschopoulou (ALBA Graduate Business School)

A perfect journey of digging in yourself and thus becoming a better professional by developing first and foremost your inner world. If you have the chance, don’t miss it!
Vicky Charitou

It was not just an educational program, but a 10 month journey full of diversity, challenges & revelations for the way I comprehend myself and others. I have gained resilience, confidence, more assertiveness, focus and open-mindedness than I used to. Our reward is that we will continue to travel on a continuous path of awareness and further clarity through intermediate stations at infinity.
Eleni Exarchou

A training that is definitely worth attending, adding essential value on the development of Executive Coaching and Organisational Development Consulting skills.
Alexander Sofianopoulos (Vestas Hellas)

Joining the Executive Coaching and OD Diploma is one of the best decisions I have ever made! It is a very revealing, constructive and empowering course that contributed significantly to my personal and professional development.
Irene Fafouti

Diploma Testimonials 2012-2013

The most useful professional training I have attended. An unexpected journey to self-awareness and an eye opener to a whole new world.
George Tsichlis (Microsoft Greece)

Perhaps the strongest ever experience I’ve had so far in terms of my self-awareness as an individual and as a professional. Highly recommended.
Marianna Demiri (S&B Industrial Minerals S.A.)

A unique transformational experience. I would do it all over again. Highly recommended!
Dimitra Patrikarakou

It was a revelation of hidden potential in an area that we usually neglect to deal with. All future Leaders should embark on that endeavour as to discover themselves.
Athanassios Th. Kosmopoulos (Ministry of Development)

Attending the program was a lot more than a diploma that certifies applicable knowledge and techniques; it was an amazing learning experience that changes your way of thinking and conduct. Through this journey, you have the opportunity to raise awareness, realize your impact on others, improve your performance and at the end of the day, bridge the gap between existence and potential.
Popi Nikolakopoulou (Nike Hellas)

I found the course a journey towards self-awareness. In fact, I would characterize the 10 weekends as my personal executive coaching sessions.
Antonia Zahaki

Powerful and demanding as a course, it offers generously the opportunity to dive in your own ocean and acquire tools to assist others in their journey.
Yiannis Triantafyllos (1Source Aero Services SA)

Powerful, incisive and true, the diploma took us by the hand and guided us to the essence of things. I have changed in more ways than I could ever imagine existed. Would recommend it without hesitation to everyone interested in what makes things “tick”.
Ariadne Lada

A true and deep experience. I would describe it as a challenging journey to the inner self.
Georgia Paparizou

Being a strictly business person, the course provided a great insight to behaviour and relations issues that emerge and affect business performance. It also provided valuable knowledge on psychodynamic issues that lie behind the functions of individuals and teams. Finally, the course led me to greater self-awareness and assisted me to re-establish my personal and business goals.
Dimitris Koukoubanis

For the non- psychology oriented, an excellent opportunity to engage with people, to act, to think, to talk in a different way and to see things from the psychoanalytic perspective.
Maria Kaini (Fweebi ltd.)

A value-added Diploma worth doing! A superb experiential trip to “Ithaca”! It’s the trip that matters. Strongly recommended for all professionals in all disciplines! Congrats for your contribution to the Greek corporate environment and professionals. Proud to be member of your students.
Kelly G. Kalogera

Diploma Testimonials 2011-2012

This Diploma was an excellent opportunity to develop the right skills as an executive coach and an OD consultant. At the same time, it was a self exploration journey that increased my self awareness and helped me develop and change. This was a very critical milestone as the more awareness is heightened, the more capable the OD or coaching intervention is.
Foteini Fevri (British American Tobacco)

This Diploma has been a very challenging process which created high self-awareness; the ongoing challenges keep you always eager for the next step, the next learning. It’s really worth it taking this risk.
Ioannis Kouris (Vestas Hellas)

I participated in Executive Coaching and OD Diploma based on a testimonial of a colleague of mine I trust. “Go”, she said “you will discover yourself and it will be useful for your job.” So, I participated to a very interesting for my self-awareness Diploma which changed some aspects of my behaviour. Also, I applied some theory I’ve learned to my work.
Katerina Karagouni (Pfizer)

Unique transformational experience, where I had the opportunity to understand better myself and the others. Impact’s program contributed significantly to my personal and professional development.
Nikos Chatzigeorgiou (Microsoft Hellas)

It was the most intense and effective learning experience I’ve ever been through. It changed the way I perceive and confront people and situations. After completing the course I feel not only confident about applying the new knowledge but a whole different person.
Eleni Liakou

A very good experience in understanding the business of coaching and how to apply it. A very good chance to see yourself through others people’s point of view.
Spyros Banos

My experience after the Diploma is best described by this scene in “The Matrix” where Morpheus says: “This is your last chance. After this, there is no turning back. You take the blue pill – the story ends, you wake up in your bed and believe whatever you want to believe. You take the red pill – you stay in Wonderland and I show you how deep the rabbit hole goes.” A highly recommended red pill!
Patrick Malone (Microsoft Hellas)

Diploma Testimonials 2010-2011

A life changing experience! Practical, thought-evoking, reflective.
Irini Chaviara (Novartis)

An exciting transformational journey! A very demanding content and a powerful process in a self-regulated context that helped me discover, explore and experience my patterns and wholeness and showed me the way to what I potentially can become!
Alexandra Vetsika (Starbucks)

The Diploma is an experience. It’s a personal and organizational evolution. It’s not a seminar as one might think of. You learn through your own experience of change.
Nicholas Kondakis (Boussias Communications)

My participation in Impact’s Coaching & OD Diploma was a unique experience. I learned a lot of new things and I improved myself both as a person and as a professional.
Yiannis Koutrakis (Microsoft)

There are really very few moments of epiphany that one has the fortune to experience in his life. This course provided everyone with at least one such a-ha moment. And it turned a bunch of individuals into one cohesive group. These two are more than anyone the one could expect from any course. It was worth both the time and the money.
Dimitris Tsouchlos

If one wants an “out of the box” transformational learning experience, this course is an exceptional opportunity. High-skilled facilitators combined with restless participants create the perfect context for one’s personal and professional development.
Nefeli Athanasiou

I am glad I chose this course because I had the opportunity to add to my educational background, to further my knowledge and to improve my skills in terms of both personal and professional development. Thus, I strongly recommend it to any leader wishing to meet new challenges in their career.
Georgia-Efthalia Balagianni (Vestas)

Impact’s programme was of great value for me. I was impressed by their professional approach and their commitment to driving high standards for coaching. I have joined the programme to continue developing my professional skills and I have benefited from knowing better myself and others. A special thank you to Vassilis and Bernd for the new learning experience.
Konstantina Efthymiou (Assos)

It surely was worth all the time and reading effort. It is about a holistic experience of learning, based on experimental exercises that challenge and raise the awareness of the participant’s needs. I would gladly recommend it to anyone interested in Executive Coaching and Organisational Development.
Dimitra Skali (Follow up)

Diploma Testimoniasl 2009-2010

My future is not what it used to be. The Diploma in Executive Coaching & Organisational Development has been a refreshing, integrative and self-expanding experience. Through an excellent mix of educators, participants, topics, teaching approaches and practical implementation it provided a unique environment to learn, grow and experience the fields of Executive Coaching and OD. The immediate and continuous application of the course content in my job and personal life reminds me daily the great value I received. I strongly recommend this diploma to leaders, managers, educators and consultants.
Dr George Diakonikolaou

The course has combined uniquely a personal awareness journey with a coaching skills development opportunity. I would recommend it to professionals who have the courage to have a closer look in the mirror, seek to challenge their limits and believe that people make the difference in organizations.
Petros Lamprinos, (Vestas)

The Diploma in Executive Coaching has enabled me as a sales director in the IT industry to gain new and valuable knowledge and experiences. I highly recommend it to anyone interested in shaping and leading the organizations of tomorrow.
Christodoulos Papaphotis, (Microsoft)

Impact approaches executive coaching and organizational development from a different perspective, focusing more on experiential practices rather than just discussing the existing theory. The benefit that the participant derives out of this program structure is multiple. From one hand familiarizes easily with the various models and methodologies and acquires experience. From the other hand builds a common professional background with the other participants, and has the option to become member of a group that extends its activity beyond the course duration.
Annalisa Smyrli, (AstraZeneca)

The most important gain of attending this course was the in-depth opportunity to explore myself as an individual personality, as a team member, as an HR Consultant, as a coach. We were guided very efficiently to work on the core of coaching: self-awareness.
Dimitra Karatolou

The Executive Coaching and Organisational Development Diploma gave me the opportunity to develop as a person and as a professional. I have already started to apply the material to my everyday professional and personal life. Theory and practice were delivered in a value adding blend. I’m happy for my decision to attend the course!
Isidoros Papamichalis, (Star Channel)

Diploma Testimonials 2008-2009

The Diploma in Executive Coaching has been a unique and perspective-shifting learning experience. It combines a solid curriculum with hands-on practical training. Strongly suggested for professionals looking to gain a competitive edge on the Executive Coaching field.
Kostas Loukas, (Microsoft)

I would highly recommend this course to leaders who strongly believe that it is people and teams that deliver business results (or not).
Achilleas Kotrozos, (BP Europe)

The course started off as a professional challenge for most of us as we were introduced to new theories and practices but slowly it evolved into a personal journey which proved to be life changing for all of us.
Maria Moragianis, (ALBA)

The course provides a breakthrough in Greece, as for the first time it presents a comprehensive theoretical and practical framework approach in the area of Coaching.
Myrella Ioannidou, (Cake)

Introducing a new perspective in the area of counselling, this course is totally tuned to the needs of the new evolving business world, while at the same time, helps the mental health professionals break into this new field with no fear.
Argiro Kladia

The course is not just a unique learning experience but also a lifetime experience. An excellent choice of teachers, modules and team members.
Sofia Karakasi

Impact’s Executive Coaching course has been a fascinating bit of research into my personal development as well as my effective communication with others. Half-way through the course it has already been the best investment in professional training that I have made.
Paul Kidner