Finance for non-finance (F4NF) Masterclass: Overview of how businesses are financed and the quantification and assessment of respective financing costs

  1. Introduction

The F4NF course has been specifically developed to acquaint people with the basics of business performance appraisal. The course explains the structure and content of financial statements along with both the quantitative and qualitative criteria required to critically evaluate those. Emphasis will be given on practical real-life examples rather than theoretical concepts.

  1. To whom is this course addressed:

The course closely relates to the everyday business aspects of both front as well as back-office professionals, irrespective of their seniority level. It is quite understandable that all staff will at many occasions need to be capable of appraising their business or a third party’s business, in order to make calculated decisions based on hard numerical facts and not only. Hence the course may relate to professionals such as:

    • Board members
    • Front and back-office professionals
    • Strategic and tactical staff
  1. This program provides answers to questions such as:
    • What are the contents and meaning of financial statements?
    • What are the business performance quantitative and qualitative criteria?
    • What are the sources of finance for a business and respective costs of equity vs debt?
    • How does one find the optimum capital structure for a business?
    • How do investors assess the performance of a business?
  1. Prerequisites

Primary knowledge of basic finance concepts will be helpful but not a pre-requisite in order to attend the course. No advance preparation is required.

  1. Teaching Method

Live group instruction, examples and case studies, open discussions. Interactive participation is encouraged.

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