Now, more than ever, Leaders worldwide are seeking to secure influence. Understanding yourself, connecting with others, communicating with deliberation and managing your pace are just some of the aspects we can help you develop.

Our approach to coaching is as methodical and structured as it is evocative and based on your unique profile and objectives. We have worked with Senior Executives from over 70 Multinational Corporations, Entrepreneurs, Politicians, Public Figures and other Society Leaders over the past twenty years; and understand what drives people forward.

The challenge of aligning teams under a common and commonly understood vision, is currently greater than ever. What’s an even greater challenge, is putting this vision into actionable principles and behaviours.

We are pioneers of Organisational Development. Our approach entails an in-depth assessment of your needs through customised surveys, the design and delivery of powerful interventions, such as coaching, training and workshops and calibration follow-up to secure sustainable results. We have delivered hundreds of customised interventions over the past twenty years; and understand how people drive organisations forward.

Every organisation is unique. At the same time, some dominant challenges, especially amidst this fast-changing environment, prevail. We have carefully identified them and designed workshops that combine skills training, with an interactive, experiential component, guaranteeing results.

Each training will be customised to fit your company’s and team’s unique objectives; and drive their level of competence forward.

The Pillars of Effectiveness

It is important to grasp the fundamentals, before moving ahead. The workshop comprises seven characteristics, including communication, decision making, self-motivation, exchanging feedback etc and is aimed at maximising participants’ potential over one day.

The Leading Manager-the Managing Leader

Whether newly appointed or experienced, managers need to comprehend how to best utilise their team’s potential. The workshop will enable participants to Engage, Delegate, Motivate and eventually Transform their Teams, over one day.

The Fundamentals of Executive Coaching

Coaching can prove immensely useful when done right. Equipping your Leaders with the skill set required to support the evolution of their peers and eventually creating a coaching culture, can prove invaluable. Building Rapport, Effective Listening and Exchanging Feedback are just some of the aspects that this performance accelerating workshop covers over one day.

PRAID-The Definitive Leadership Approach

Having carefully observed and recorded the characteristics of thousands of Coachees over the past twenty years, Vassilis Antonas, devised a model that accounts for what makes Leaders stand out. Pace, Resilience, Accountability, Influence and Deliberation can form part of your Leaders’ arsenal over one or two days. The model forms the cornerstone of Coaching for Impact (Routledge, 2017), a textbook found on the reading list of Leadership Courses across the globe.

Organisational Trust

Trust is the basis of speed, effectiveness, growth and evolution for organisations. Understanding the behaviour and mindset that supports it, can prove an invaluable asset for every team. This workshop will enable participants to practically apply trust principles, (such as talking straight, acting with integrity, honouring commitments and more) over one day.

Conflict Management

Conflict is an inevitable aspect of our lives. It is best that it is utilised in a productive manner, rather than feared. This workshop will enable participants to identify their unique conflict style, manage absolutist and polar positions that create distance and generate win-win relations, over one day.

The Leader’s Libretto

Our words and the energy they carry, become our reality and determine the influence we have on other people. More often than not, the way we conduct ourselves is a subconscious habit. This workshop will raise the participants’ awareness, with regards to their use of language and facilitate a conscious, powerful and deliberate impact, over half a day.

Resilience and Well Being: Surviving and Thriving the Hybrid Workplace

The new work reality poses challenges and opportunities. A quick adjustment will set those who evolve apart from those who barely survive. Communication, collaboration and coordination amongst teams as well as the individual capacity to support ourselves and stay connected, are being tried and tested. Silence, withdrawal, desperation, imposter syndrome, burnout and frustration are just around the corner. This workshop, will ideally be preceded by a survey, exploring organisational and individual key challenges in the Covid era and will empower participants to actively reframe and adjust with pace and confidence.

Success Factors in Project Management

Project based work is here to stay. Its effective and strategic management can and will determine profitability, sustainability and business success. Supporting the maturity of individual skill sets and organisational parameters in project management is, at this stage, a one way street. Based on international best practices and global standards like PMI’s and ISO 21500, this training will reform and transform your project managers and their team in an unprecedented way.

NLP for Personal and Business Transformation

Timelines, values, anchoring, linguistics, rapport. Enter the world of Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP), a synthesis of Cognitive and Behavioural Psychology approaches, considered the “manual” of the mind. This manual can be utilised to consistently achieve specific business and personal outcomes. This transformational workshop based on the ABNLP (American Board of NLP) best practices and certifications, focuses on the NLP tools that enable an accelerated transformation of the participants.