A Unique Leadership Model brought to you by Impact
In October 2016, Impact accomplished a decade of excellence. In April 2017, our Diploma also entered its 10th consecutive intake.
On Saturday May 13th 2017 we celebrate with PRAID in an interactive workshop open to everyone: A unique Leadership Model devised by Vassilis Antonas over several thousands of hours of executive coaching and successfully applied by hundreds of leaders he has worked with over the past 20 years.
5 core applicable Leadership characteristics and behaviours, presented with 15 subheadings: You will be given the opportunity to practice in small groups within an intensive, hands on, supportive and challenging environment.
The material is original and publically presented for the first time.

*Please note that the model, for the most part, does away with typical, new age, niceties (“smile a lot”, “be kind”, “be inclusive”, “believe in yourself”, “failure is mandatory” and other simpleton clichés) and is exclusively directed at the Leader who is prepared to focus, deliver and succeed with no excuses or alibis.

Spaces are limited, with Impact’s alumni having priority.
Cost: €300 (+VAT)
Date: Saturday May 13th 2017
Venue: OTEAcademy,  Pelika & Spartis 1, Maroussi, Athens
Timetable: 10:00-18:00
Facilitator: Vassilis Antonas
Light lunch and refreshments will be provided.

To secure your participation, please write to info@impactpcs.com or call 0030-210-8014505